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Textures from Lost & Taken

As I go deeper into working in Cinema 4D, I’m finding a real joy in creating materials. While I can create cool looking abstract “other-worldly” materials fairly easily, I find making real world stuff much more challenging. Going the procedural route can yield some pretty great stuff, but I still never achieve a high level of realism that way. So, while this may seem obvious to some, I am finding that the key to really nailing the real stuff, is to use really good hi-res textures.
Recently I came across an amazing website called Lost & Taken which is mainly the work of one guy, Brad Wayland, who shoots and scans just an amazing amount of textures, and puts them all up for free. There is a lot on there to grab, and it is pretty varied, although there is a fair bit of “grunge” textures, which I personally think is great, because reality is dirty and scratchy and adding in proper analog imperfections can do a lot to bring something to life.
Anyhow, check his stuff out and if you feel it is worth it, (and it is) he takes simple $4 Paypal donations to help pay for the cost of maintaining the site.

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