Lux Lucidus is: Motion Graphics, Animation, Design, 3D and Visuals by Sean Siegler

I’m learnding!

Not a lot of posts lately.

Not for lack of doing though.

Aside from working the regular job hours people work, I have been spending the vast majority of the other hours trying to learn Cinema 4D, VDMX, and Quartz Composer.

I am getting a pretty good handle on VDMX and have used it live 3 times, starting with New Years Eve, then the Duty Cycle show, and most recently, Chinese New Years.
Although I really do like Modul8 and will still keep it in my arsenal, it just seemed to be too sluggish with my clips, at times freezing or becoming embarrassingly slow during a cross fade.

While VDMX can also get slow at times with a load of FX applied to clips, it still manages to keep going, prefering to drop the frame rate rather than choking and freezing. It is also way more modular in terms of it’s layout and just in how you perform. You really end up building a mixer based on your needs. It also seems solid as hell and has only crashed on me like twice and never while performing.

It is a very different beast though and is forcing me to rethink my sets, my clips, and my methods for mixing. It is also getting me to try and dig into Quartz Composer as well, because it really interacts with Quartz Comps so well, and with audio inputs as well, which add a level of live interactivity that I have never had before.

And lastly, I have finally gotten over a hump with Cinema 4D. I finally feel comfortable enough in the program that I can just screw around and create. I also feel good enough in it that I know the right kinds of questions to ask when I want to know something new. In addition I am using it at work as part of my work flow and am actually outputting stuff that will make it into the final piece, and that is cool as hell. I don’t think I would have gotten to this point had it not been for the opportunity to use it at work and be around people who know it better and can help me.

That is the best part of returning to an employment situation where I am workign with other creatives. the sharing of knowledge.