Lux Lucidus is: Motion Graphics, Animation, Design, 3D and Visuals by Sean Siegler


The image I made for yesterdays was done using trapcode particular, which by it’s nature is animated. So I just rendered the timeline I was using to build the still and that is what this is. Unfortunately, the compression vimeo put on it, makes it look quite crap. I’d suggest downloading it from vimeo to get the full effect, but it’s really not worth that much effort.

superluminal motion

superluminal motion

Cell Landscape

Some basic shapes and landscapes from C4D using the cell renderer composited with a pass of ambient occlusion and global illumination. I like te final look of this and will have to play with this style more in the future.

Cell Landscape

Cell Landscape

Aperture Laboratories Warehouse

Just playing with tracking and adding in fake bits. Tracked in Mocha AE, made the Aperture Laboratories logo in C4D, and put it all together in AE. ALso grungied up the warehouse, removed the Audi logo and obscured the license plate.

XBMC Landscape 02

I needed to replace a screen background for the Aeon Nox 3 skin for the new XBMC 11 Eden release.  Well, I didn’t need too, but I didn’t like the options presented. Anyhow, using the Xplode plug-in for C4D and dynamics, I was able to create this kind Tron/Superman’s Fortress of Solitude landcape. The TV model comes from The Pixel Lab and is one of their freebie models.

After School Specials

[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/AftSchoSpec_Sml.flv 550 309]

Myself and two co-workers are trying to get some video and motion graphics projects going for fun and learning and to cram into our future reels. So we are attempting to team up and pool our creativity and talents in order to create such things. These will be our “After School Specials“.

This lil motion piece was just something I whipped up after seeing a trailer for The Brothers Bloom. The movie looks mildy amusing, but no where near as good as the directors (Rian Johnson) first film Brick. But I digress… I enjoyed the treatment of some of the word bits in the trailer and decided to try and recreate them.
And I have…
This was also an excuse for me to try out a new WordPress FLV player plug-in FLV Embed, which should make putting up FLV’s easier AND work in IE, which my previous technique did not.

[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/flyer_semisex_v2.flv 550 366]

Join us at 222 Hyde in San Francisco for the next SemiSexual Record Label night.

With music from Stridah (Live), mr. projectile, comma & pauley unsaturated.

September 25th – 222 Hyde – SF CA – 9:30-2:00am – $5

Motion Flyer

[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/Flyer_Small.flv 550 366]

I made this motion flyer for my friends new night at a bar in San Francisco. I was going to put it on Vimeo but I think it may violate their terms because it is an advertisement. Maybe I’ll slap it up there after the night is over… then it is just “retro” video art.

The night is the SemiSexual Record Label Night, at 222 Hyde, in San Francisco.

DJ’s: mr. projectilecommapauley unsaturated – shiny diamonds.

august 7th – 2008 – $5 – 9:30pm to 2am