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Live digital painting

Recently I attended a great party with a whole host of good visuals. For most of the night, my pal Satsi was on the beamers. As always he did great stuff.

I also had the pleasure of meeting and watching DangerMarc, a live digital painter. He uses a gigantic Wacom tablet (more like a table), a laptop and Corel Painter. It is really cool watching him create in a live setting and being immersed in the things that are influencing him, be it the people, the music, the lighting, the mood, the space itself.

Marc is presently selling a print he made of Obama, with the purpose of selling enough of them to donate the max amount of money one person can donate to his campaign, which is $2300 I think.

It is a very clever idea. I really love that so many artists and regular people are coming together to help get Barack Obama into the White House, and are joining the political process, many for the first time.
Check out the print at

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