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I got wiring loose inside my head

In my recent quest for better video cable organization, I came across this nice looking unit.
I’m not sure how many cables it will nicely hold but I think it would be good for the average VJ gig. Or at least MY average gig, as I don’t tent to have huge set-ups.

You can get it here for only $25, and it comes in green, which is an added bonus for me.

On that same note, I recently discovered the wonders of Velcro reusable cable ties, to keep my vid cables wrapped and organized and happy. Seriously. These things are like 6 bucks for 100 ties. They work great, hold very well, and don’t seem to pick up lots of hairy linty bits like other velcro.
I know it maybe be silly to post about such things, but it has helped me not only to keep things organized while while just sitting in my studio, but also helps me keep things a bit tidier at gigs, and that is also huge.

Kangaroom Cord Keeper Via Apartment Therapy Unplugged

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