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Duty Cycle

Last month I got the chance to VJ for the 1st night of a low-fi, 8-bit-ish music kind of night known as Duty Cycle. It is quite different music than I usually mix too (which lately, due to the nature of San Francisco, has been breaks and dub step). So I wasn’t exactly sure how to pull it off. I didn’t have to time to make a whole new slew of clips so I dug into VDMX and tried various effects until I was able to low-fi my clips and get things a bit more pixellated and vectory. In the end it worked out rather nice and I was quite pleased with the night.

It is a testament to the power of VDMX that i was able to get my stuff, which I like to think is quite high-fi and crisp and nice looking, into something much more basic and low-tech looking, while still retaining a very high quality look.

VJing @ Duty Cycle

VJing @ Duty Cycle

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