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AVCHD from the Canon HG21

I have been trying figure out how best to deal with the footage shot on my Canon HG21 video camera. It is in the AVCHD codec, which is pretty heavy to deal with for most computers, and quite honestly, I wasn’t sure how best to “capture” the footage.
After a few trials and mostly errors, I found a video online which seemed to help.
Originally I was trying to bring it in thru Final Cut Express 4, which seemed to work before I wiped my system and did a re-install. Now it just gives me some error and won’t bring the clips into he editor (yet still allows me to video them).

Anyhow, seeing as how the camera is hard drive based, I kind of figured out that there is no “capturing” per se. The camera mounts like any other external drive and you just open the folder containing the .MTS files and drag n drop them on to your system!

With the newer Adobe CS4 software, you can play directly with the .MTS files (in After Effects & Premiere and apparently Encore), although because of the AVCHD codec, they are pretty clunky on playback (although I AM doing this on a Mac Book Pro laptop).

Using Adobe’s Media Encoder, I am now converting them into the Apple Intermediate Codec. This drops the file size way way down and they still look fabbo and are now much more manageable.
I assume I can use them as proxy files if I really wanted to, although I don’t have much experience using proxies.
Anyhow – this video from Adobe was a big help.

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