Lux Lucidus is: Motion Graphics, Animation, Design, 3D and Visuals by Sean Siegler

I haven’t exactly been active on this site much over the past year. It is mainly due to a few different factors. One being that most of the motion graphics work I have been doing has all been pieces I can’t share online, which kind of sucks. That is just one of the downsides of working on stuff for medical industries.

The work I have been doing that I can share online, is all being posted over at , which was mainly set-up to showcase my “everyday” images, of which I have now been doing for over 1 year. That means I have somewhere near 380 images from last year, the majority of which I actually like. Though there are a few really pieces of serious crap in there.

Oh yeah, and to get personal for a moment, I also spend the last year planning a wedding and getting married, and now I am trying to buy a freakin’ house! So yeah, life just flows on!


One of my favorite C4D resources, just released a gigantic pack of C4D materials.
It is a pretty nice collection of a huge variety of materials. I really enjoy creating my own from scratch, but it is also great having a really nice base to start from and tweak from there.
Great resource for only $50!

Jabbawockeez Vegas Wonderland

Jabbawockeez Vegas Wonderland

This is almost a full year old now but last summer I was able to contribute some original artwork to the Jabbawockeez website for my good friend Ratha over at Stablished. Launching off of an Alice in Wonderland theme, we created a Jabbawockeez-in-Wonderland series of images. Mine was the desert theme to celebrate their move to the Luxor in Las Vegas. I used loads of C4D, After Effects and Photoshop.  The dice speakers, rocks and plants were all 3D elements rendered from C4D. I tried to put it all together in PS, but ended up back in AE because I find it so much easier working in a non-destructive environment.

In The Pocket

It is now official.
I am moving my everydays over to I love the URL and figure that using it for little things, like daily images and Instagram pics, is appropriate given the “pocket” and “snacky” nature of the name.

It may take a while for me to set up a gallery over there with the entire collection of images, but it should happen eventually.
So for all none of you who weren’t wondering where the everydays went, or if I had given up on them, I did not stop making them, I just moved ’em.

At some point last week I decided that I should put one of my dusty URL’s to better use. has been sitting dormant for some time now, so it occurred to me that maybe it would make sense to post all of my “everyday” images over there, as well as various Instagram images.

There are a number of really simple, yet elegant and slick, grid based Word Press themes out there, and it just seems like a steady stream of images is more suited to something like that. So that is where I am going to move the “everydays”.
We’ll see… This could just be a dumb idea and a waste of two good weekend nights.

Anyhow, check out It will be mostly eye candy. Plus it is kind of an awesome name for a website.