Lux Lucidus is: Motion Graphics, Animation, Design, 3D and Visuals by Sean Siegler


I am having to update this section as it became a bit cluttered with aspects of my visuals that I no longer focus on as much as I once did.
My VJ’ing has taken a back seat as I have spent the past few years really diving deeper into motion graphics and along with that, 3D design and animation, mainly in Cinema 4D.

But if I was to encapsulate it all, it would go something like this.

I’m from Minnesota, which is where I got my start dabbling in video and film. After that I took off for Brooklyn NY, where I studied film and video and other art-like things at Pratt Institute and received a bachelors degree.
Once back in Minnesota, I began more experimental video work and dove into VJ’ing for local bands and many electronic music events. This is what turned me on to After Effects, back when it was in version 3 or something.
A series of events eventually brought me out to San Francisco almost 10 years ago, where I was really able to sink into motion graphics and motion design. That’s about where I am now! Oh and I am engaged to be married next year in 2013, so that is also pretty awesome!


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